1. Coaching aided horses

    Methodology used in order to accompany a person or organization to achieve a goal or to develop specific skills related to development and personal growth.
    Coaching assisted by Horses is particularly suitable for work and enhance, quickly and effectively, as important personal areas such as leadership, proactivity and assertiveness.

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  2. To whom it May concern?

    Coaching Horses assisted by the benefits it provides, is indicated for all those people or organizations who wish to experience a personal or professional growth, wishing to make substantial changes but can not find the necessary resources. It is also recommended for executives, people in key positions or responsibility in organizations and subject to continuous stress.

  3. Collaboration and Learning

    While performing the same, a climate of collaboration and learning by promoting the discovery and management of these qualities and attitudes are created. At all times, the Coach Feed-back provides relevant, as well as progress and improvement area.

  4. The process of coaching

    5 Steps:
    Observe -The observation of new viewpoints will be critical
    Awareness - observation allows awareness, basically about our power of choice
    . Setting objectives - Clearly defined objectives that will guide decisions and actions
    . Act - sustained over time
    . Measure - Check if we approach or move away from the target set.

  5. Why with horses?

    Horses have a great ability to reflect the human being can "sniff" your feelings and inconsistencies and react accordingly
    . The interaction with the horse causes metaphoric real life situations that invite and encourage experiential learning that otherwise could not afford.

  6. How we work?


    The activities performed become metaphors of real situations that they live in day to day activities are neither good nor evil done, this is how it is done to resolve these activities, it seeks the how and not the why .